Friday, October 1, 2010

A Story of A Soul

             A Tribute to Someone who truly inspires me.

       I went to a primary school which was under the patronage of this saint. She’s none other than one of the well-loved saints, St. Therese of Child Jesus. A Story of a Soul tells the autobiography of her life right from her childhood till her days in the Carmelite monastery.

       In the modern days of today, we have almost forgotten the simplicity and child-like faith of the olden days. The life of the monks and nuns that are cloistered are far from us and we find it hard to relate to the fast-paced life that we live in now. This book gives us an insight into the life of a Carmelite and at the same time, showing us the way to Jesus in the simplest manner.

       We often heard of extraordinary gifts and works from saints and sometimes we find it so hard to embrace sainthood because we think that the road to perfection requires special talents or callings. St. Therese shows us in her story that the little ways are the ones that lead us to God. She speaks of the kingdom of heaven like a garden full of flowers. The garden is where God plants all kinds of flowers from the magnificent roses to the small lilies but each completes the garden in its way. We are like the different flowers being shaped in the way God has intended for us to be.

       She died at the age of twenty-four but her story will continue to touch many hearts and bring souls to God. She possessed such beautiful words of wisdom and love even at her young age. One hidden from many, she seek not fame or glory on earth but lived a life of prayer and sacrifices to intercede for the lost in the world.

I posted this earlier but I would like to dedicate this poem to her for her life story has touched me so.

The garden of delight
Oh how a soul would be magnified in power
Small, fragile, demure and light
Such were the story of the little flower

What unmistakable light of purity for one to bear
A soil fragranced with the odour of holiness
Eight white lilies sprung up from nowhere
Where Hermits dwell in the midst of blessedness

What lesser flowers which simplicity shines
Divine sun illuminates each ones
All things work together for good that binds
To be content as daisies or violets with no more wants

         The Story of A Soul is a book like no other. It is a love story that speaks of heavenly treasures in the simplest form.  She is one that reflects the very words of Jesus:" Indeed I tell you that, unless you undergo a change of heart and become like children, you shall not enter My heavenly Kingdom".

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