Friday, October 22, 2010

Do you want to be DIFFERENT?

How to be different? Do you want to make a difference in the world? Where and what you may ask. Well, read on.

Well, I've been bugged in my heart for the past couple of days regarding these orphanages that I came to know about. To be more precise, they belong to the International Humanity Foundation (IHF).

At the moment, they are looking for directors to direct these orphanages in Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand. No matter what kind of experiences you have had in working, IHF needs you. If you have a desire to reach out to these poor kids, why not commit a year to help direct these orphanages? What better ways to help them than to get involved directly?

Now, you may ask whether or not they are genuine or whether donations make will go directly to them? Well, I KNOW because I've applied. All donations go directly to the poor kids; hence that is why IHF needs volunteers to run the place. Directors are not being paid so donations will go straight into helping them. That is also the main reason that I am blogging here. Sadly, I am unable to apply to be a director because I do not have enough funds to cover my living expenses there.

SO, I am blogging here with the hope of some kind soul with a little money (to be able to support him/herself) who wants to make a difference in the lives of many to apply.

Check out:

If you have a month or so and would like to volunteer, IHF needs you too.

If you're busy, you can make donations. As little as US20 can go a long way to feed someone. They are in need of other things especially the following listed on their site.

Computers,cell phones and other technology in helping IHF teach the children English and computer classes.
Tape recorders and English as a second language teaching DVDs
Notebooks and childrens books in English.
School supplies; pens & pencils sets, backpacks.
Used guitars or musical instruments.
Clothes for children and slum teenagers.
Antiseptic creams.
Anything you can think of and would like to donate would be of great value to them.


Thank you for taking the time to read. Even the littlest that you donate can go a long way be it time, money or materials.

God bless you all.

Photo from IHF gallery

p/s: to read more about the founder:

If you are still doubtful, perhaps read some reviews here:

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