Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wake Up

Wake up,
Arise and Shine
Stop hitting the sheets
Pressing on the world of make belief

Vivid imaginations paint wild characters
Putting a halt to a tender heart
Yet beating even more laboriously
To capture the art of satisfying one’s lust

The guys are always charming
Forever saving damsels in distress
Sweet smiles and luscious looks take control
Where even Casanova cannot get away

It is always like love in Venice
Where boats take you to your perfect love
A breath away from your dream house
Where Prince Charming awaits with the glass slipper

Alas it must stop
Wake up my beauty
Gold and diamonds do not fall out of heaven
Like precious manna once upon a time

The time is ticking
The tides have reached the shore
Awake my princess
From this slumber of never land

Wake up
For the time waits for no one
Summon a full stop to start making it real
Come breathe the air of the living

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