Monday, October 4, 2010

Memoirs of Love

Oh refresh my sweet memories of love
A taste of manna and honey falling from the sky
Oh replenish my thirst in the deserts that is ever so dry
In solitude alone I would understand the meaning of it all

Choirs of Angels singing to the rhythm of my heart
Cherubim and seraphim dance to the beats of my soul
Saints would join in this grand feast of communion
Peering from the pearly gates sending signals of love

Painting the sky with golden strands of splendour
Letting the sun trickle through the tips of clouds
Whisper words of sweetness and joy to my ears
Like a glimpse of the rare sunset in the Blue Mountains

I cry to remember that one moment of heavenly touch
That sanctuary formed in the deepest forests of fire
Where diamonds and gold are nothing but dust
A savoury of my precious love carved unto my life

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