Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being a tourist in KL City Centre for a day

Last week, me and my dearest friend, Joey decided to take a day off and just be a tourist.
Yes, we have always wondered what KL hop-on hop-off bus is like so we decided to just try it ourselves.
It is actually pretty cool and we made so many new discoveries.

KL hop on hop off bus

It is actually VERY convenient and for the price that you pay to see all these tourist attractions, I must say it is well worth it. You get to choose what you like to see and hop off to visit, and then hop on back to another spot that you want to go. It operates from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm.

It was a totally different experience to be higher than the rest, being in the open deck, viewing the city as the bus moves. It was actually breathtaking for me!

I discovered that our national planetarium is actually quite interesting to visit. The best part is getting to know about our first malaysian who went to space. I never knew he is that cute! haha..for those of you who think the planetarium are only for nerds and space freaks, you're wrong.

I finally made it to Merdeka Square after zillions of years being a Malaysian. We have the highest flag pole in the world!! Wooo hooo!! I've also discovered merdeka square is 'D perfect place to play boomerang. Perhaps we shall do it again with a boomerang, joey?

We also caught a glimpse of St. Mary's Church. It is a nice cosy church and right on the altar, there is a painting of Christ with the words on his feet, 'I will always be with you'. How comforting to have this reminder in the midst of the city.
St. Mary's Cathedral, Anglican church

Next stop was the National Art Gallery. I was thrilled to go there as I have never been there. To think that they have sponsored me but I have never been there...Forgive me. I fell in love with a couple of paintings and I'm proud to say Malaysia do produce great artists.

Aquaria. It was interesting to feed my curiousity of the aqua world. I find the humongous water rat very adorable indeed. hehe..

Next, my first attempt of walking from KLCC to China Town. It is indeed mind-opening. Try it and see for yourself!

Finally, we sat down and chill after a long day at Reggae Bar. My old time favourite place to chill, possibly because they play reggae music and offer good prices. I also happen to love the simple pizzas.

For those of you who has never seen KL city centre for what it really is, try the bus! For those of you wondering where you should take your friends from abroad, this is a good start. It's definitely money well-spent for a day.


p/s: check out for more details on the bus.


  1. yea! boomerang. Now.. i wonder where did i keep that boomerang i had when i was a kid.... Oh.. if i don't find it, i have a miniature one magnet-ed on my fridge door! haha..

    It was a great day indeed.


  2. Yes Joey!!
    It was a great day...and thanks for being such a great friend all these years..maybe next time we can play in the parks in Melbourne hehe