Thursday, October 7, 2010

I dream, dream and dream

I stumbled upon this in an old journal and realised what a dreamer I have always been...

Here was what I penned:

I dreamed of another world,
A world that is not my own,
Full of treasures, full of fun,
The adventures are neverending,
A world totally on its own,
Where fantasies and reality caught up together,
No one human is alike,
No one person is the cream,
I used to sit and stare,
And dreamed of musical tones,
In a world that no one will know,
A world where only I and them exist,
A fantasy riding in wonderland
I dream, dream and dream
of theatres, music and drama
and I dream, dream and dream

I read that and I knew I have come a long way from the days of dreaming..I was so full of dreams that I forgot to live..I'm glad God takes care of my dreams now..He knows best what's in store for me..take it all..
You're now in charge..
Now that is some liberation!!!

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