Friday, June 17, 2011

Amazing Grace

I have been months away..
I am finally back to my little cavern in "LA"..
In the midst of clearing away thick dust, throwing away unwanted pieces of paper, filing necessary documents, and rearranging things in my room, I managed to have a few catch ups with old friends..

My room is in the midst of chaos..
That's because I am trying to find something and at the same time, trying to get rid of 'junkies'..
In the midst of doing all these, I am reminded of last night..

I was blessed to have a great catch up with two dear friends of mine..
Especially a girl friend that I have not seen for a while now..
I just have to blog about her..

Her story reminds me of the song 'Amazing Grace'
I'm sure a lot of us are familiar with that song
I'll refresh your memory with a few lines..

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind but now I see.

She is a young believer and she came to know the Lord much later than I do..
What strike me is her faith and her joy and how God has been working in her life..
It is amazing how God can change a person so much..
Her sharing brought back memories of how God has been working in mine..
Right from the day I was born..

I was so wretched but God was so merciful..
Again and again, He would pick me up and lead me to places that I have never dreamt even to thread..
She told us how she was right in the bottomless pit and how God went down to her and picked her up..
I recalled how messed up I was..
Everything was messed up; my life, my relationships, my career but most of all, my relationship with God..but God heard my prayers and the prayers of many others who patiently prayed for me continuously even though it seemed bleak that I might actually turned around..

Amazing Grace it is that today the same Lord brings us together again..
Sipping tea and chatting; just sharing about how this wonderful Father of ours is weaving our lives from hurts, brokenness, mishaps, sins, into a beautiful tapestry of light and today, still continues crafting it to the day of perfection..

Amazing Grace it is that we could just 'fellowship' without realising hours had passed by and it was already wee hours in the morning..

It is indeed true that heaven rejoices more when one sinner repents than when there are 99 who needs no repentance..the greatest joy that I had felt so far is knowing that a friend or a family member that I cared about has come to know the Lord..nothing beats that kind of joy..
It's like knowing that person has come to join me in this great big family in this great big universe and we all share the same Father where one day, all of us will enjoy being in His Presence for Eternity..the best part is knowing that day is not too far away :)

Amazing Grace..
Indeed how sweet the sound..
Through His Amazing Grace, a wretch like me could be saved..
Indeed I was so blind but now I could see.
and will continue to see better till the day I reach heaven where my eyesight will be PERFECT.

Thank you Father

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