Monday, June 27, 2011

You are not Alone

It could be a lonely lonely world
Alone on the bed
A frail thin blanket over a malnourished soul
Aches and pains increasing like fungi growing on a plank
A result of sleeping on an old mattress creaking over its overused state

It could be an aching aching world
Treading on the path to perfection
Reaching out a hand
Caring without limiting borders
Only to be misunderstood and ridiculed
Cold water splashed when it is least expected

It could be a void
A scarred heart never to be healed
A terrible past to haunt you forever
Like leprosy and deformity joined hands to torture you and send your soul to bottomless Sheol

An unseen hand caressed your hair
as you lie on that bed alone
The invisible fingers stroked your heart warming the chills of loneliness
The soft gentle touch held your soul in its embrace healing all the bad memoirs
Fingers intertwined and you are pushed forward
Never to look back but pulled ahead to reach your home
A cloak of love is showered on you washing away all aches and pains

In the midst of it all
A whisper that says
I understand
I was there
I was all alone
My friends left me
I walked alone to Calvary
I was forsaken
I was rejected
I was misunderstood
And now I am with you
You are in my hands
You are not alone

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