Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry and my funeral

I have just finished watching the Secrets of Jonathan Sperry and can't help contemplating on the movie.
It tells of three young boys making friends with an old man and how one thing led to another.
This old man is a faith-filled man who's also very inspiring. He was not only caring and generous but He began to share His faith and gave life lessons to these children that would last them a lifetime.
The seeds that Jonathan Sperry had sown proved fruitful.
It reminds me of how sometimes we sow seeds but get disappointed when we do not see them bloom and our efforts seem to be in vain.
This movie shows a little seed sown can go a long way. We might never get to see the harvest in our lifetime but perhaps the next generation might be shaped and would bloom according to the seeds that we have planted.
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry reminds me of how short our life is and like Jonathan Sperry mentioned, it is good to go to a funeral.
It is then that we would think about our death more often for we all die someday. Whether we like it or not, we will eventually die someday.
Life would be miserable if life is all there is on earth. But no, you and I have an eternal home in heaven.
Imagine life on earth is but only a speck of eternity, uncountable years of life...
And how you spend this speck of yours determine where you will live for the rest of your life.
Won't you want eternal joy and happiness where there is no more pain, hurts and sorrow?
I for sure want that..
How do you do that?
Call out to Jesus
Accept Him as your life and saviour
Ask Him to help you live a life worthy of an eternal life
Like Jonathan Sperry said,
Call unto Him
The Bible says that whoever calls on the name of the Lord, He shall be saved.
Once you do that, Jesus will guide you to live the way He wants you to be.
That way, once you reached the end of your life, it would not be the end of your life or a fretful funeral. Instead, a celebration awaits you!

I dream of the day of my funeral.
You must think I am insane but I know that day will come.
I know it will be a celebration for then only I can be truly at home for eternity, to heaven where Jesus had prepared a room for me.

This is my wish on my funeral day so if you're reading this and you happen to know of the time I passed away, please remember this wish of mine.

I would want everyone to dress not in black but in bright colours like teal, yellow, red, fuchsia, electric blue and etc. Why??!!!!!!! Because it will be a celebration for me; a party of rejoicing and not mourning. So if you ever find yourself attending Angelina Bong's funeral, you know the dresscode :)

I want my grave to be showered with sunflowers. Why???!!! You may ask why not roses?
Well, sunflowers are my favourite of all flowers because they are always bright and shiny just like the sun, just like Jesus and the Blessed Sacrament beaming at us. It makes me happy whenever I look at one.

And I would love for someone or everyone to sing Danny Boy at my funeral. I don't know why but I am moved to this song everytime I hear it.

SO please remember what to do..
Whether this day be months or years or decades ahead, I pray I will live my life to the fullest..

Like Jonathan Sperry who wrote in the bible he gave to Dustin,
"Keep living for Jesus"

Yes...I shall keep living for Jesus!!

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