Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are We Missing the Point?

Charles Haddon Spurgeon said something about God that I absolutely love!

Here are his words..

"There is something exceedingly improving to the mind in the contemplation of the divinity. It is a subject so vast, that all our thoughts are lost in its immensity; so deep, that our pride is drowned in its infinity."

Through out the centuries, people have tried to study God and like Jeremy Myers put it in his blog, dissect and organized knowledge about God. But in doing so, are we missing the point?
Have we tried to study and understand God so much that we missed out in experiencing him? After all, if we truly are able to understand God, He would'nt be God anymore would He?
They say seeing is believing but God says blessed are those who do not see and yet believe.
Are we trying so hard to understand God that we missed out on following and believing Him just as He tells us to? Be like a little child, holding His hands and trusting Him, following Him even when we cannot see. That's why Jesus says the kingdom of heaven belongs to the little ones.

I'm no theologian nor am I a master of the word but i believe, God has told us clearly that He is God and we are His people. We need only to trust in Him and love one another like He tells us to.
Even Michael Jackson says that in the last few days before he died.
If you watched 'This is It', you will understand what I meant. Before he passed away, during his last practice, he said..

"Love each other. We are all one."

Does that ring a bell to you?
We are indeed all one with the same Father regardless of colour, class, status, location, size and etc.

I hope you don't miss the point. God loves you and He wants you to share His love. Too simple to be true? It's as simple as that.

God bless you.

p/s: To read more of the wonderful sermon on God from Charles Haddon Spurgeon posted by Jeremy Myers, go to

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