Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Seeing Children Cycling at Dusk

I love poetry and sometimes there are unconventional
poets out there who seemed to strike a note or two in my life.
This particular piece breathes nostalgic air on me..
I am reminded of the carefree days of my childhood..
How pure, naive, innocent yet mischievous we were..

Dan Snow, a friend I met by sheer chances wrote this poem below..
He dedicates it to "every child and adult turned young out there"

Children cycling me by, laughing, shouting.
kind of reduce the evening heat of lethargy
and light suns upon my lips. I’d in self-doubting
forgotten the way to smile when love turned starchy
as my military uniform. Like a man turned young
I chase the winds once more, the winds through tracks
of time. They say children on bicycle or rung
will never fall after the first pitfall, the ax
of love’s double-rider bicycle. Here I ride
my single-seater Wheeler bike alone as fools
or hermits on an evening cruise. Those kids beside
have taught me the push to laugh at writing rules
again, soaring where the pen takes me
into the vast tracks of child-memory.

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