Thursday, June 30, 2011

Teaching that changes lives

A poem that I wrote recently is published in a website. It is a website about teaching that changes lives. To be more precise, it is about the word of God.
I'm no theologian or master of the word..
I am a lover of the word
I am still learning and re-discovering the ancient yet timeless words that transcends time
The Word of God is amazing
Flip just a few pages of the word and you will be amazed at the treasures that you will gain
Have you forgotten your bible? Perhaps you have never even pick up one?

Start today..
The biggest misconception about the bible is that it is only for theologians or religious people..

No, it is also for people like you and me, ordinary people who need God to direct our lives..
St. Jerome said "ignorance of the word (the bible) is ignorance of God"..
How else can you know God without knowing what He says to you first?

Here's the link to my first article on this website..

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This poem is also available on this blog itself at

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