Sunday, June 26, 2011

Radiating Christ

I normally do not blog again right after another blog but I just read a beautiful story from a website and I know I just have to post it here.

"An American soldier fighting in WWII was captured by the Japanese and sent to a prisoner of war camp. At the same time, there was a Japanese man who was caught as a spy trying to help the Americans. He was sent to the same prison camp as the American, condemned as a traitor to his country, and placed into the same cell.  As a traitor, the Japanese man was tortured badly, much worse than the American. Everyday the guards took him out to torture him, and then threw him back into the cell. The American would do the best he could to take care of him, bandaging his wounds, sharing his food, seeing to his needs, and comforting him in any way he could. After a particularly severe torture session, it was evident that the Japanese man was going to die. The American man thought to himself, “I’ve shared everything else with this man but I haven’t shared Jesus with him.”  He bent down so as to be right next to the Japanese man and said, “I want you to know that you are dying and probably won’t last through the night, but you don’t have to be afraid if you just surrender your life to Jesus. He will give you everlasting life.” The dying man looked up into the face of the American and said, “If Jesus Christ is anything like you, I can’t wait to meet him."
This story was told by Fr. Larry Richards.
It just reminded me of how others would look at us and the first thing they noticed is how we treat them, not how we preach. Even more so if we do not act like how we preach. Many of us say one thing and the next moment, we find ourselves eating our own words. I am guilty of that as well. Many times, I am more a Pharisee than the good Samaritan and I pray you forgive me if I had behaved that way to you.

What I want to say is if we live our lives like Christ, we will be radiating Christ. At the end of the day, it is our actions that will convict others of God's love.

I would like to quote another sentence from this website:
"Let everything that you do and everybody that you meet be an encounter with God.”

That's how it should be. Let's pray that we will strive to radiate Christ to whoever we meet.

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