Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sung-bong Choi

There is a Korean craze epidemic everywhere especially in Malaysia and Singapore. You may think it is just teenagers who are idolizing over their favourite Korean Drama superstars like Jang Geun Suk and Korean superbands like Girls Generation and etc but you are wrong. There are thousands of housewives and even men who are waiting faithfully at home on a certain time every day to watch their favourite Korean Drama characters on KBS.

Well well...

That's not the point of my ranting here.
You probably know what is happening already and you are probably one of those who sparked off this epidemic if not drowning in it.

Today, I want to talk about Sung-bong Choi.

Who is he?
Is he another one of those pretty Korean boys who are gracing all the endorsements from mobile phones to cosmetics?

NO..far from it.

Sung-bong Choi was left in the orphanage at 3, and he ran away from the orphanage at 5 because he was beaten up by fellow mates. Tragic?
Not quite yet..
Since then, he lived alone on the streets selling gums and energy drinks.
He slept on stairs or in public toilets.
One of the many nights when he passed by the clubs,
Sung-bong Choi heard the amazing voice of a person singing in the night club
He started to like singing and singing became his companion through the many bad things that happened in his life
He finally gets his chance and entered Korea's Got Talent!

I do not usually watch these clips but a housemate of mine showed it to me
Despite all the hardships he went through, he did not give up on life but courageously fought for his passion. I am so moved by his story, by his 'surviving' skills, by his passion, by his courage, by his fortitude but most of all by his voice.

It's like his whole life's story is embedded in his voice.
It's like his entire emotions of pain, sorrow, rejection and loneliness is woven into his voice
bringing it to soar and transforming those pain into the loveliest bouquet of flowers radiating love..his love for singing..

I am even more amazed that he had never taken any vocal lessons..
I hope he wins it, not because of his story
but because he truly deserves it

He is purely talented and what's more important, he sings from the heart.

Cheers to Sung-bong Choi!

God bless you

Catch his audition on

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