Saturday, July 6, 2013

Are you Ready for Eternity? Heaven is nearer than you think...

I am thinking a lot about Heaven lately.
It is only natural that we, children of God would long for our eternal home where we will never be separated from God ever again.
It is funny how the last few days/weeks I have come across readings and writings and mentionings of heaven.

First of all, by Akiane describing about the beauty of heaven.
I was given two books about heaven by two different people and I am compelled to blog about it.
I have just finished reading, "To Heaven and Back" by Mary C. Neal and what she saw when she sort of died during her kayaking tragedy and came back truly set a reminder to me that Heaven is real and nothing in this earth can compare to the glory and love awaiting us in Heaven.

Now, I am reading an even more comprehensive description of heaven penned by Rev. Richard Sigmund when he died, visited heaven and came back to earth to tell God's children that our Heavenly Father has prepared a magnificient place for all of us.

Many of us have forgotten about heaven and even hell. Many perhaps have never heard of it or worse, never even heard of the existence of God. I am blogging here to tell you that Heaven is very real, more real than you and I combined.

Read his book and be overwhelmed by the beauty of Heaven that even Rev. Richard Sigmund could not properly describe in worldly words. His book is entitled 'My Time in Heaven: A True Story of Dying and Coming Back".

Jesus told him specifically, "Don't ever forget how much I love you and what I have done for you. Never forget how much I love those whom you are going back to and the place I have prepared for them and how much I love them." I am so touched by these words that I immediately feel the urge to write and tell you as well. Jesus loves you very much.

Rev. Richard saw the areas in Heaven that are prophetic and he was told of seven signs of Jesus's second coming to claim His people. Sign no.2 says "Signs and wonders will increase and be fought against". I have personally witness and experience many signs and wonders in Naju that has changed my life dramatically and brought about my deep conversion but many are sceptical of the signs and wonders being shown there. There are more messages from Heaven flowing through God's servants everywhere in this world like never been before. Eg, places like Medjugorje where I've seen many of my friends and relatives completely changed after visiting and making a retreat in this place. Sign. No. 6 says " ....the last great move of God breaking on the shores of eternity; the greatest part will be poured out in rural areas;"I seek my bride in humble places; I was born in a stable." I think of small and rural places like Naju and Medjugorje whereby ongoing visitations of heaven and heavenly phenomena is still taking place.

Rev. Richard also saw hell which was deadly horrific. I couldn't even type it here but many saints of all ages has recorded accounts of visions and visitations of hell that our Lord permitted for them to see and it was disgusting and beyond imagination. The terror in hell is nothing compared to all the earthly crimes and disasters put together. No one wants to go to hell and I pray with all my heart that you will not choose to go there too.

The Lord said,"Prepare yourselves and get ready because I am coming back soon, at a time when people don't think. I am coming back. I am coming back."(Matt 24:44; Luke 12:40).

Are you ready for eternity? You will never know the time when God will come or the time when your earthly life is over. Get ready for Heaven. Fear not because Jesus is with you. Repent and Believe!

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