Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Come Closer

Waterlily blinks from the fall,
Awe turns into diamonds of blue,
Dancing keeps my lady afloat,
On riverbank of knights at sleep,
Fly me to the moon you say,
The stars bless your voice and pray

Grass from the bank sing memoirs,
Fly away from birds in the air,
Too long to pluck moringas of old,
Why the odd smile of coldness,
Whimsical pots of tea for the day,
Cools down the passion of Cherie

The day cupid sprinkles dust of love,
All follows the rhythm of the clay,
You belong to the pink blue skies,
Jazzy autumn hues you paint on me,
Blissful splashes of playful waves,
In denial only the elves can hear

Just like golden days of paradise,
Fresh milky dew climbs in whisper,
Softly to your ears my blossom dear,
Will you ever notice the dream,
Up high upside down over the hills

Someday lemon will drop like honey,
Twinkle of rainbow on your doorstep,
A drop of eternal dust on your palms,
Melancholia has come to bid and call,
Wake up no more from the blues
Come closer to me I say

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