Friday, July 5, 2013

Story of Let me Sow Peace

I wrote this in 2009 for the Delphic Games Competition.
Thought ill repost this.
God commands us to love..
I wish that each of us would spread love
I wish that each of us will show a little kindness
And try to make the world a better place
Like Gandhi said - Be the Change you want to see in the World
I hope this poem/story will inspire you to make that difference
Embrace His words: Love one another as I have loved you.

Story of Let me Sow Peace

An old wise man lived in the town,

He lived alone right by the fount,

No one knew of his real name,

He had grown past beauty and fame

Everyone seek him because he was wise,

You get a piece or two even if you’re not nice,

He was someone and whom everyone sought after,

For he was eccentric and unlike any other

One day came a shy young lad,

Handsome and tall but scantily clad,

He was what the world perceived as mad,

One who knew nothing of fashion and fad

The old man pitied he who was smeared with grime,

Gave him a seed the size of a dime,

He took it gladly with a newfound joy,

Promising to nurture it with a look so coy

He skipped and danced overflowing with happiness

He still could not believe this old man’s graciousness

There was none who has given him such treasure

He would keep to his heart his one and only pleasure

This young boy had no gold or glitter,

He had nothing that would make eyes go flutter,

He had no riches, not even a coin or two,

He had no one to love, hug or even to coo

 He thanked the old man with deep gratitude,

Telling himself to be charged with greater fortitude,

He hugged, held and clasped the seed so tightly,

For fear of losing what remained his one and only

The next morning he gathered some brown soil,

Back at the park where he begun to toil,

He buried the seed with extreme care,

Something he did on a note so rare

He sprinkled water on the spot so damp,

Finishing his task he felt like a champ,

He knelt on his knees ignoring the searing pain,

And prayed God will grant him sunshine and rain

He had no place to call a home,

So he slept by his seed with no need to roam,

He watched over it every second day and night,

Never leaving his precious seed out of his sight

Days went by and turned into a week,

He patiently waited by himself nearby the creek,

A small stalk begun to shoot and grow,

Sprouting baby leaves but it seemed so slow

The young man endured long hours of cold and grind,

Keeping warm by all means that he could find,

Never giving up despite pangs of hunger,

Although at times an empty stomach provoked him to anger

Alas the stalk grew taller reaching to the sky,

He made sure no one trampled on it when they pass by,

He loved it even more with tenderness and care,

Although his own sufferings are hard to bear

Spring came and the sun shone with majesty,

Heat burned the young man and he couldn’t help but be sweaty,

His stalk grew bigger with small buds sprouting,

He jumped for joy with his young face beaming

He faithfully continued to lie and wait,

Of what would become of his seed’s fate,

He did not lose hope nor became agitated,

Lovingly he watered and tended to it unabated

Summer came and shined forth a blinding glow,

Even the trees, birds and grass to it must bow,

A small purple flower from the stalk started to blossom,

Its petals were delicate and soft like a mother’s bosom

The young man was overjoyed to see a flower so dainty,

He could not help but gazed at its dazzling beauty,

His heart cried with pride and glory,

All his efforts were returned bountifully

He felt like a father seeing his daughter mature,

His purple flower had blossomed even without manure,

Such a rare sight in the midst of an empty park,

What a charm that it had made its mark

It grew and bloomed and multiplied

Smaller buds rapidly emerged and one wondered why

Soon after the park turned into a flowering bed

Passer-bys stopped amused at a park once used to be dead

Each passing day became enlightenment,

A bigger crowd would hung around with faces of bewilderment,

Children playing hide and seek amidst the enchanting flowers,

Parents admiring the scenery without realising the passing of hours

The young man felt contented and satisfied

He felt he had done his job right

He longed to show that old man his accomplishments

He hoped to meet him and fish for compliments

More and more visitors came to relax and unwind,

Some walked their dogs while some brought wine,

It was quite a spectacle to see,

Till the press and media had to agree

Someone found out about the young man’s actions,

Seeing his poverty the public gave him donations,

He then owned a home which he claimed his mansion,

Young and old they made endless contribution

Students are inspired and started making plantations,

College kids are encouraged to build gardens of carnations,

Housewives are influenced to plant roses in their apartments,

Secretaries are prompted to have flower pots in their compartments

The city was booming with a picturesque so lovely,

A colourful array of flowers filled every corner amazingly,

A scent flooding so great it was almost heavenly,

A sense of peace and tranquillity filled the entire city

The young man could never be happier

Alas one day he found an old man looking at him so dear

An instant flash everything came back to him so clear

This was the man who touched his life without fear

He thanked the old man and asked if he remembered

‘Of course’ he said ‘you’re the one covered with sod and amber’

‘Why did you give the seed to me?’ the young man implored

‘O why not? I was only passing a piece of me to my fellow kindred’

Tears swelled up in the young man’s eyes,

The old man never looked at him as if he was infected with lice,

He vowed to be kind and compassionate without hesitation

To spread messages of love and peace with full exhortation

Who would have known a single seed,

Could be fruitful and encouraged all to do a good deed,

What more to say if a single soul would please,

Stand up and say ‘Let me Sow Peace’

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