Sunday, July 28, 2013

Echoing Silence

Echoing Silence...
Silence is Golden...
So few truly enjoy silence, even fewer embrace it and many are afraid of it...

"...religion goes beyond words and actions, and attains to the ultimate truth only in Silence and Love. Where this silence is lacking, where there are only the 'many words' and not the One Word, then there is much bustle and activity, but no peace, no deep thought, no understanding, no inner quiet. Where there is no peace, there is no light and no Love. The mind that is hyperactive seems to itself to be awake and productive, but it is dreaming driven by fantasy and doubt....."

"Precisely because of this lack, modern Western man is afraid of solitude. He is unable to be alone, to be silent.....Therefore it is all the more necessary at this time to rediscover the climate of solitude and of silence; not that everyone can go apart and live alone. But in moments of silence, of meditation, of enlightenment and peace, one learns to be silent and alone everywhere. One learns to lie in the atmosphere of solitude even in the midst of crowds. Not divided but one with all in God's Love. One opens the inner door of his heart to the infinite silences of the Spirit out of whose abysses love wells up without fail and gives itself to all."

" In His silence, the meaning of every sound is finally clear. Only in His silence can the truth of words be distinguished, not in their separateness, but in their pointing to the central unity of Love. All words then say one thing only: that all is Love.

I hope you will inspire to some moments of silence.The above excerpt was taken from the book "Echoing Silence - Thomas Merton on the Vocation of Writing".  I highly recommend all to read this book even to those who do not feel called to write.

Do not be afraid to be silent or be alone in the silence. Perhaps God will finally speak to you. Perhaps you will finally hear His gentle whisper.

Echoing Silence - a random sketch in silence

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