Friday, July 5, 2013


It was piercing dark again
Time seem to have stood still
The little bird flutters its wings
It made sounds that no one hears
Its master seem to have forgotten it
Dawn presents itself very rarely
The glimpses of light cares for no one
The little bird waits patiently
The coldness of the air creeps like mad
It counts the clicking sounds of doors
A glimmer of hope resides with each open door
Yet the door slams shut without a smile
Unbearable cruelty slaps its beak
Unseen forces of torture resides inside
The little bird gasps for air and cries
No breathing being to talk to
Noises outside the doors shuts its screams
It longs for its master to save it
The agony of abandonment and forsaken
The little bird sits and stares into blindness
Its wings slowly decay and may never fly again
The little bird misses the day it took flight
Dreams of soaring into the air
Alas its hopes just crash into nothingness
Misery that goes beyond brokenness
Its wings might as well be broken
Will it ever survive
Will it be forgotten
It wishes to die instead
Yet it weeps alone in the cage

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